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Mornings are the time for activities, running against time, getting things done as quickly as possible and maybe deal with an emergency or two. The last may seem like a mismatch but sadly there are instances when an emergency strikes when you are already late. What would you do without Colonial Heights NY Locksmith Store’s 24-Hour Emergency Locksmith to the rescue? We are your responsive, reliable, and immediate help at hand serving Colonial Heights, NY area. 

Broken locks, missing keys, car lockouts, all of these pose its unique set of challenges. Vandalizing broken locks and misusing keys is easy. The good news is that we are here to handle your issues promptly. Spare yourself the anxiety, mental turmoil and distress with our mobile vans ready for dispatch night or day. Do not become a victim when you have Colonial Heights NY Locksmith Store solutions just a phone call away! 
No wonder, we are the most popular 24/7 locksmiths in Yonkers - your single stop for all issues related to locks and keys. 



Colonial Heights NY Locksmith Store, Colonial Heights, NY 914-301-7933Mobile units ever-ready for dispatch
We have a huge fleet of fully-equipped mobile locksmith vans containing the latest gadgets and tools for dealing with different locking challenges. We are always ready to reach your location on time, regardless of the distance or the hour. You could be located at the most remote corners of the city, but we can get there within 15 minutes. We are your 24-hour locksmiths for anytime anywhere solutions.


24x7 strong team of experts

Colonial Heights NY Locksmith Store never sleeps. Since your problems do not keep a 9-5 slot, we cannot do too. Every team is as strong as its members are and we are proud to have some of the best people with us. They make even the most complex issues appear simple and easy to resolve. What is your emergency? Do you require an emergency opening? Does a broken lock keep you awake at night? Whatever your need, our team will be at your doorstep with solutions that fit.


Our Services

Being your 24-hour emergency locksmith, we offer instant solutions to your gravest issues.

Change of locks: If your existing lock fails to give you the security you seek, we can upgrade to the latest versions with our expertise in high-security locks, magnetic locks, keypad locks, keyless entry, and digital locks among others. We are your certified locksmith in Colonial Heights, NY area.

Lockout resolution: Home, office, and car lockouts are both irritating and a big embarrassment. One also has to consider the lost time for work. Do not let such issues bother you since we are available 24x7 and can give you instant results as soon as you call our team on-site.

Key cutting: Our mobile locksmith team travels with all the tools of the job. We offer instant key making services giving you access when needed. We will create new keys or make duplicates for your high security keys as needed.

Quick fixes: Instead of long drawn out solutions, often the situation demands quick fixes. We are experts in this as well. We will repair the broken locks and make it work again. Similarly, we will start your nonworking car ignition easily

Bid adieu to your lock & key emergencies with Colonial Heights NY Locksmith Store. You can even call us at midnight; we will be there in a short span and not even charge anything more than the basics!